IoT Systems

IoT is the backbone of most agriculture CPS systems. IoT prototypes do not automatically scale to large IoT systems. One should understand the problems associated with the system development processes before attempting to go from prototype to large scale systems. We aim to build scalable IoT solutions for management and tracking of agriculture products.

Research Analysis

IoT system to monitor the food items during transit

It is essential to maintain the optimal temperature of food during transport, but for fruit and vegetables, it is even more critical to track humidity. Apart from temperature and humidity, indications of light exposure or vibrations are also essential to monitor. We are planning to develop an end node that provides regular data regarding the shipments location, temperature, humidity, and other factors that effects food.

IoT system for stock level inspection

Monitoring the levels of agriculture stocks is very important. Usually, inspection is done by visual, and it has several challenges, specifically, that it can be extremely time-consuming. Therefore there is a requirement of developing and deploying IoT measurement devices for smart silo stock estimations in order to minimize these issues. We are planning to develop low-cost, high-performance IoT modules to monitor stock levels.

IoT system for a warehouse that stores sensitive food items

Food stuffs such that meat, fish fruit vegetables are kept in the warehouse so that they remain fresh. The ambient conditions such that temperature, humidity affects a lot to these sensitive food items. For example, a humid ambiance dries out the food, and many more. Thus, a low-cost, low maintenance cost device needed for a warehouse that stores sensitive food items.

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