Stubble Management Systems & Urban Farming

Stubble Management Systems and Urban Farming domain focus on the removal of stubble, post-harvest usage of waste created, urban farming and development of new machines for agriculture. The aim is to create novel and sustainable system for Indian continent with reuse of crop residues (such as bio-char development or paper making), and land resource development in urban areas (such as vertical farming, hydroponics, etc.).

Research Analysis

Stubble Removing Machine (SRM)

There are many limitations of currently used machines in India, which force farmers for stubble burning. In the first category machines, the major limitation is the requirement of great human efforts. Because of the higher amount of stubble, it is harder to mix it into the soil. The second limitation is the high cost for maintenance and purchasing. We aim to design and develop cost-effective machines, techniques, and policies to tackle that burning problem.

IoT enabled Harvester cum Bailer machine for Stubble Management

In this project, our aim is to modify the traditional harvester and enhance it with the IoT for remote operations and communication. The harvester would harvest the crop, collect the stubbles, bale it, and store the bales in a single operation. There are machines to do these processes, but in the purposed harvester, the baling process would be done together with the harvesting of crops. The system would be an all in one solution for the current stubble burning and management issue.

Urban Farming: Technology for the Advancement of Land Resource

In order make the urban farming profitable for the grower and to make it feasible to everyone with small or big living area, it is essential to develop technology and resources which are modular, economical and easy-to-adopt. Hydroponics and Aquaponics are most suitable for the cultivation in urban settings and can be easily possible to adopt even in small houses. In the domain of vertical urban farming, the monitoring of the watering system, room temperature, and soil condition is very crucial for the excellent condition of the plants as these parameters are of great importance to keep the crops in good shape.

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