Water & Soil Assessment Processes

Water and Soil Quality Assessment Processes domain aims at developing and utilizing cyber physical system enabled tools to address environmental quality issues pertaining to agriculture and water domain that are of regional and national importance, including eco-friendly technologies for soil and groundwater contaminant remediation, impact assessment of natural and/or anthropogenic activities, and soil/water quality assessment.


Research Analysis

Impact of stubble burning on regional environmental quality

A significant portion of the crop residues in Punjab and Haryana ends in open field burning. Subsequent environ- mental problems related to the practice of post-harvest burning of crop-residues in agricultural fields mainly include, among others, emission of hazardous air pollutants and deposition of vast amounts of biochar in soil. Our goal is to employ CPS technology to build a framework to assess the impact of stubble burning on environment quality.

Assessment of pesticide usage on groundwater quality

The groundwater quality scenario has numerous challenges to be addressed as it can have a huge impact on agricultural production, human health, and the environment. Scientific literature indicates that the quality of groundwater in Punjab region has been marred by both geological and anthropogenic causes, such as pesticide usage in agriculture, industrial wastewater, etc. The aim of this project is to comprehensively understand and provide technological solutions that can cater to the regional water quality-related issues.

Irrigation optimization using soil moisture and water quality sensor network

The objective of this proposal is pinned around the understanding of the effect of nanobubbles on the various necessary process of the wastewater treatment, namely aeration, advanced oxidation process, aerobic digestion, and dissolved air flotation. IoTs technology further adds values to designing the select units in terms of energy saving to optimize irrigation.

Setting up of an accredited state-of-art laboratory (Soil and water quality, Geospatial technology)

To implement the various projects related to water and soil quality monitoring, and remediation of contaminants, establishing state-of-art accredited water and soil quality laboratories along with capabilities to perform the geospatial analysis is essential. The aim of this project is to establish a sophisticated state-of-art soil and water quality lab facilities to cater to national agricultural and water-related technological challenges.

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