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Startup Onboarding – R2E Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

On the ocassion of International Women in Engineering Day, We are thrilled to announce the onboarding of our newly inducted startup, R2E Technologies Private Limited! ???? a women founded Deeptech R&D driven startup from #Uttarakhand.

R2E Technologies Private Limited is an R&D company with a strong focus on developing next-generation technologies. Their expertise lies in building #patented #technology for #tracking and #monitoring, empowering innovation and ideas. The company has received #equitybased #SEED funding support from STPI – Software Technology Parks of India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Govt of India), as well as a patent reimbursement grant from #MSME. Additionally, they have been shortlisted by the Department of Telecommunications ( DOT ) under the #DCIS scheme for a grant.

Led by the dynamic and visionary founder, Renu Thapliyal, the team at R2E Technologies is passionate about making a positive impact in the field of R&D. Over the course of 3 years, R2E Technologies has already achieved significant milestones, including 5 granted #trademarks, 5 #patents, 2 #copyrights, and a total of #22IPs.

Stay tuned to iHub – AWaDH @ IIT Ropar as we share more about the remarkable journey of our supported startups.

Together, let’s celebrate and empower the spirit of innovation!

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