1 Week IoT Training Course under AWaDH CPS Lab at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Delhi

A Short-Term Course on the Internet of Things (IoT) with Hands-on Experience at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Delhi. This six-day workshop, held in collaboration with NIT Delhi, aimed to provide participants with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills in IoT. The event was a remarkable journey of learning, innovation, and collaboration.

NIT Delhi IoT

Day 1: Inauguration and Keynote Speeches

The workshop kicked off with an inspiring inauguration ceremony at NIT Delhi. Prof. (Dr.) Ajay K. Sharma, Director of NIT Delhi, lit the ceremonial lamp, marking the beginning of the course. Distinguished guests, including Prof. Krishna Sirohi from IIT Delhi, Registrar Sh. Ravinder Kumar, NIT Delhi, and dedicated coordinators Dr. Anurag Singh, Dr. Pankaj Mukhija, Dr. Mahesh K. Singh, and Dr. Sahil Neelam, graced the event. Prof. Krishna Sirohi delivered a keynote speech on “Changed Landscape of IoT Systems in Light of Private 5G Network Deployment,” providing deep insights into the future of technology. Dr. Suman Kumar from IIT Ropar captivated the audience with his expertise on “Transforming IoT with Cutting-Edge Wireless Network Analysis.” The day concluded with hands-on workshops led by Mr. Desraj Dhiman and Dr. Mahesh K. Singh, introducing students to the basics of IoT projects.


Day 2: Practical Insights and Hands-On Experience

The second day featured practical insights from the founders of uBreathe, Mr. Sanjay Maurya and Mr. Shubham Prakash Sahu, who shared real-world examples of integrating IoT solutions within hardware startups. Dr. Radhika Trikha from iHub – AWaDH @ IIT Ropar highlighted emerging opportunities and hub activities under the national mission on ICPS. Participants gained hands-on experience at the AWaDH CPS Lab, exploring IoT applications with guidance from Er. DeshRaj Dhiman and Mr. Uday.


Day 3: Immersive Learning and Expert Sessions

The third day was an incredible day of immersive learning at the AWaDH CPS Lab. Associate Dr. Pankaj Makhija from NIT Delhi shared deep insights into IoT implementation in hardware-based setups, covering essential topics like IoT architecture, security, and threats. Dr. Anurag Singh enriched the participants’ understanding of startups and IoT fundamentals. Hands-on learning sessions, guided by Mr. Vikas Bhardwaj and Mr. FAQIR CHAND BHAGAT, bridged the gap between theory and practice.


Day 4: Advanced Techniques and AI Applications

The fourth day featured insightful sessions led by leading experts. Prof. (Dr.) Kavya Dashora from IIT Delhi presented on “Transforming Scientific Research with Advanced Data Visualization and Analysis Techniques,” highlighting the crucial role of Big Data and advanced data visualization. Mr. Subrat Panda showcased innovative AI applications in agriculture, demonstrating the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Mr. Anmol Chauhan from IIT Ropar’s CPS Lab provided a detailed understanding of 3D printing technology and its applications.


Day 5: IoT in EV and Energy Systems

The fifth day began with Dr. Anmol Saxena from NIT Delhi enlightening students on “IoT for EV and Energy Systems,” covering technological advancements, security, and the impact on the ecosystem. Design expert Mr. Neeraj Goel shared insights on design thinking for IoT-based projects, fostering collaboration and practical application of knowledge. Dr. Mahesh K. Singh delivered an insightful session on the use of IoT in electronics, enriching participants’ understanding of the intersection between IoT and electronics.


Day 6: Celebratory Conclusion

The final day of the course was a celebratory session recognizing the collaborative efforts of NIT Delhi and iHub – AWaDH @ IIT Ropar. Special thanks were extended to Dr. Pushpendra P. Singh, Dr. Anurag Singh, Dr. Pankaj Mukhija, Dr. Mahesh K. Singh, and Dr. Sahil Neelam for their unwavering commitment and guidance throughout the workshop. Participants expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for the invaluable skills and hands-on experience gained during the course.

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