AWaDH CPS LAB at Tulas Dehradun

AWaDH CPS Lab launched at Tula’s Institute Dehradun

IIT Ropar’s iHub-AWaDH ,as part of its commitment to promoting Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), has inaugurated the AWaDH CPS Lab at Tula’s Institute Dehradun. This lab serves as a platform for education, research, prototyping, testing, and collaboration. The event included an inauguration ceremony, a keynote address by Chief Guest of the Occasion Amandeep Kaur, IRS – IT, Government of Uttarakhand and Prof Anita Rawat, Director, USERC, Government of Uttarakhand along with team from IIT Ropar AWaDH Dr Suman Kumar, Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar; Dr Radhika Trikha, COO, AWaDH; Mukesh Kestwal, CIO, AWaDH and technical staff from IIT Ropar followed by a tour of the lab. The AWaDH CPS Lab will contribute to advancing technological possibilities and fostering a culture of innovation. With this IIT Ropar has reached out to the State of Uttarakhand to support CPS skilling covering the Uttarakhand region.

The inauguration of the AWaDH CPS Lab, graced by IIT Ropar representatives and leadership team from Tula’s institute Ms Silky Jain Marwah, Executive Director, Tula’s Institute; Raunak Jain, Vice President, Tula’s Group; Dr Raghav Garg, Vice President Technology Tula’s Institute and Dr Sandip Vijay, Director, Tula’s Institute and PI of the initiative Dr Sunil Semwal, Dean R&D, Tula’s Institute and Co PI Dr Nishant Saxena, Dean Academics, Tula’s Institute signifies the commencement of a collaborative effort to establish a CPS skilling platform. This initiative is designed to empower young graduates, postgraduates, researchers, faculty, and startups to delve into the realm of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and incorporate these interventions into their daily activities. The lab features cutting-edge IoT kits developed by IIT Ropar, providing a 24X7 plug-and-play module for hands-on experimentation and exploration of the IoT landscape.

IIT Ropar’s AWaDH CPS Lab launched at Tula’s Institute Dehradun. Furthermore, the lab boasts cutting-edge facilities, such as 3D printers, AI & ML workstations, and a diverse array of sensors for monitoring environmental phenomena. It is poised to become a key component in embedding CPS within the academic syllabus at Tula’s Institute, Dehradun.]

Serving as a central point for CPS education in the Uttarakhand area, it paves the way for a range of educational and skill-enhancing opportunities. The inauguration ceremony heralded the start of collaborative training initiatives, designed specifically as ‘train the trainers’ and ‘train the students’ programs, offering both conceptual and practical CPS training.

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Dr. Sunil Semwal, Associate Professor and Dean R & D

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